3% for the planet

In 2019 we pledged 3% of all sales to environmental organisations around the world. 

From polar bear conservation in the Arctic to albatross protection in the Antarctic. From salmon management in the Rockies to snow leopard conservation in the Himalayas. We are committed to inspiring change and educating people on the magnitude of the crisis we face. 

As of May 2021, we have donated over £2200 towards 51 charities completing projects on all 7 continents. 

Explore the organisations below to see where your money goes and how you can get involved.

MAY 2021

£63.72 towards the protection of Indigenous land rights from oil, forestry and mining industries. 


APRIL 2021

£35.25 towards the protection of Indigenous land rights from oil, forestry and mining industries. 


MARCH 2021

£73.05 of March sales were donated to SeaShepherd UK Education Project, providing resources to teachers and educators to help current and future generations better understand the commercial fishing dangers facing the world's oceans.





£47.49 towards the Ulster Wildlife Trust and their efforts to conserve regional marine envioronments. 





£28.00 towards the conservation of Gray seals across the UK coastline


£34.47 towards the reintroduction of indigenous wild boar populations back into Britain



£37.47 towards the Lake District Osprey Project, who are supporting the first succesful breeding of Lake District Ospreys in 150 years. 


£20.77 towards protecting the remaining Caribou migration routes of Northern British Columbia, Canada. 


£62.08 towards protecting the last remaining wildcats of the Scottish highlands.





£23.50 towards ongoing efforts to reintroduce the Eurasian lynx back into the UK


EURO 60 towards fighting illegal overfishing in EU waters


£47.00 towards the protection of Indigenous land rights from oil, forestry and mining industries. 



£59.44 towards ocean plastic clean-ups on the Isle of Man and educating local school children about the issue of single-use plastic


£23.80 towards the conservation of Irish Mountain Hares across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.



£19.81 towards campaigning against the use of open-cage salmon farms in Scotland. 




£10.25 towards the UK Wild Otter Trust


£12.95 towards campaigning against the unsustainable flood management

of the River Kent, Kendal


£30.75 towards rewilding the flora and fauna of the Scottish Highlands




£31.66 towards the Protect Our Winters campaign


£23.52 towards British Amphibian and Reptile Conservation


£35.28 towards the British Seahorse Trust



JULY 2020

£32.37 towards the British Hedgehog Conservation 


£41.48 towards African penguin conservation in South Africa


£27.31 towards Pine marten conservation and research in Britain


JUNE 2020

£42.05 towards bumblebee conservation across Britain


£46.40 towards ocean plastic clean-ups across the UK


£56.52 towards the British Divers Marine Life Rescue


MAY 2020

£50.00 towards the UK Lynx Trust 


£23.30 towards insect conservation in the UK


£30.17 towards the Mountain Rescue of England and Wales.


APRIL 2020

£28.80 towards the John Muir Trust


£23.00 towards the British Marine Conservation Society


£12.80 towards the UK Lynx Trust 


MARCH 2020

£30 towards the protection of nesting grounds for the Tristan albatross in the South Atlantic. 



£10.08 towards the Shark Conservation Fund


£10.08 towards Sea Otter protection efforts in California


£10.08 towards the Glacier Rescue Project



£64.31 towards the UK Woodland Trust


£18.15 towards Survival International


£13.64 towards the Devon Wildlife Trust Beaver Trial



£42.90 towards Red squirrel conservation in Scotland


£33.93 towards Atlantic puffin conservation in the UK


£53.30 towards the Devon Wildlife Trust Beaver Trial



£19.13 towards the Devon Wildlife Trust Beaver Trial


£19.13 towards Sea turtle breeding territory protection in Kefalonia, Greece. 


£19.13 towards salmon conservation and river management in British Columbia, Canada. 



£58.74 towards anti-poaching training and conservation of the African elephant 



£53.34 towards Polar bear conservation in the Arctic



£20.37 towards fighting illegal overfishing in Europe


£20.37 towards afforestation projects in Madagascar. 


£20.37 towards the education and health care of women across East Africa


JULY 2019

£27.18 towards Snow Leopard conservation in the Himalayas


£27.18 towards ocean plastic clean-ups in the Maldives


JUNE 2019

£78.15 towards the protection of ancient rainforests in Tasmania.