Changing Seasons

             by Poppy Hopkins

      As the colder months approach, it's easy to let our mood and mindset drift; we stop enjoying time in the outdoors and getting fresh air in our lungs each day, when really it is the most vital time of the year to keep our spirits high and even more so with the current circumstances - even if it might be a bit chilly!

     The effects that sunlight can have on our brain and general wellbeing is amazing; it is thought to be responsible for increasing our body's seratonin levels, which keep us calm, focused and positive - exactly what we need as the days get shorter and the darkness creeps in. Studies have even shown that spending just 20 minutes outdoors can make you feel happier and is one of the fastest ways to boost your health and happiness. 

      Being in the outdoors makes you take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reminds us to slow down. Life is simple and yet we are all guilty of making it more complicated than it needs to be. 

     So, if you're feeling down during these coming winter months, just remember that the outdoors is always there. Whether you go for a quiet stroll at sunset - or a brisk jog at dawn - take some time each day to clear your thoughts and let your mind run wild. 

Nature never fails you.


Photo: @poppyhopkins Instagram

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