How to support the reintroduction of Britain's beavers.

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We, like many others, believe that beavers belong in Britain and have a place in our countryside. They may have been gone for 400 years, but their role in supporting healthy ecosystems is more important than ever. 


Since 2019, we have been raising both funds and awareness for the reintroduction of Eurasian beavers back into Britain.


Not only are we in in awe of their ability to regenerate whole ecosystems, but we see their potential as a gateway species to the re-wilding of the rest of the UK.


If we can reintroduce beavers successfully, then predators such as Lynx are a natural next step in rebalancing our woodlands. 


Through various fundraising efforts, ranging from 1% of monthly sales to our very own Strava club, we have donated £167.48 towards the Devon Wildlife Trust and their Beaver reintroduction project.


We have even received generous donations from across the UK and from as far away as Germany and Canada. 

To help us support Beaver reintroduction efforts across Britain, click the 'Donate' button below:

Your donation will be sent to the Devon Wildlife Trust and we will double every pound (£ / GBP) donated. 

To learn more about why Beavers should be reintroduced into Britain, click here.

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