What if swimming could save our rivers?

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Britain's rivers are dying. 

Our obsession with damming every last one, and then poisoning the trickles that remain, has left only a handful completely untouched by man, money or machine.

Fish are literally gasping for breath as uncontrolled agriculture starves the water of oxygen. 

Crayfish meanwhile, a key indicator of clean water, are crawling out of riverbeds and onto dry land. 

All while Government turns a criminally blind eye. 

But what if the simple act of swimming could help save them?

Instead of grossly neglecting our rivers, what if we became proud of them?

The Great British River Swim

The Great British River Swim is a nationwide community project which enables athletes to protect British rivers every time they swim. 

Indoors or outdoors, when a user uploads their swim to the platform, we will donate 1p for every 100m swam to The Rivers Trust (https://www.theriverstrust.org).

The project is completely free to use and you can sign-up with just an e-mail address.


You can also connect with friends from your community and fellow swimmers from across the country, working together to support the future of British rivers. 

To sign-up and start uploading your swims to the database, click here.

To watch our video on how to upload your Strava swim to the platform, click here.

To read the Privacy Policy for the Great British River Swim, please click here.