Privacy Policy

We care deeply about the privacy of our users and are committed to complete transparency. 

Please take the time to read through our Privacy Policy to learn about how we use your information, and the lengths we go to in order to protect it. 

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or would like to learn more about the GBRS platform, please contact us directly via e-mail at

What happens to my e-mail address after I've signed up?

To sign-up to the Great British River Swim platform, an e-mail is required to create an account. 

Once you've registered for the GBRS, we will send you an e-mail with additonal information about how the project works and how to uplaod your swims to the database in order to raise money for the protection of British rivers. 

After this e-mail, you will recieve no further communication from us.

The e-mail address that you use to create an account is stored on our website server and is not, nor ever will be, transferred or sold to any third parties. 

The Great British River Swim is designed to give athletes and activists a platform to protect the rivers they value. We are committed to keeping it this way and will actively refuse any attempts to involve commercial interests.

Who pays for my donation?

Although we strongly recommend that you support The Rivers Trust in any way that you can, you are unable to manually make donations through the GBRS platform and we will never ask you for financial informaton.


If you wish to make a personal donation to The Rivers Trust, we highly advise you to do so and have provided a link to their donation page here.

All of the donations made on your behalf on the GBRS platform are backed by a dedicated fund created by iceland_greenland_antarctica. 

Each month they calculate the total swimming distance uploaded to the GBRS platform and donate 1p for every 100m swam. 

Who can see the swims I upload?

When a swim activity is uploaded to the GBRS platform, all members of the GBRS platform will be able to see it when viewing the platform uploads page.


Only members of the platform are able to see, and we control who is allowed to become a member and who isn't.


Again, we are committed to eliminating commercial interest and any members who join the platform with commercial intent will be removed with immediate effect. 

No other member is able to see your e-mail, only the name you choose for your account and any extra information you provide in the title of your uploaded swim. 

Please do not include the location and date of your swim if this is something you do not feel comfortable sharing. Simply uploading the distance is enough for your swim to be counted towards the donation. 

Who operates the Great British River Swim platform?

The GBRS platform was created and is operated by iceland_greenland_antarctica, an independantly-owned outdoor store from The Lake District in North West England. 

The founders are avid open-water swimmers and are fortunate to call the lakes, rivers and tarns of England's tallest mountains home. 

The business specialises in repairing and upcycling used outdoor sports equipment and donate 3% of gross sales to grassroots environmental organisatons around the UK and wider world. They are a for-profit business and were founded in January 2018. 

Will they contact me by e-mail?

iceland_greenland_antarctica fund and operate the GBRS platform and are committed to conducting the project in the absence of commercial interest. 

Although they are notified of your e-mail address when you sign-up, they will not use the e-mail address in question for any form of commercial, promotional or informational communication. 

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or would like to learn more about the GBRS platform, please contact us directly via e-mail at